М. В. Колосніченко, Н. М. Пшінка, К. Л. Пашкевич, Н. В. Остапенко


The aim is to improve the design of neckwear using the author prints. System approach to the chosen object of research, modern methods of historiographical, literary-analytical, systemic-structural analysis, as well as methods of classification of means of design-projection of neckwear are used. The  analysis  of  researches  on  the problematics of neckwear design in historical,
culturological,  artistic,  ethnographic  and technological  aspects  is  carried  out.  The assortment  range  of  neckwear  is
characterized;  the  features  of  its  wearing  are specified. The stages of execution of neckwear design-project  are  considered,  starting  from the artist`s creative idea to its embodiment in
the finished product. The main aspects of the creative  concept  of  design-projection  of  the exclusive  neckwear,  based  on  the  artists`works,  are  presented.  The  variants  of  manual printing are indicated; the technique of linocut and  the  features  of  decoration  of  products with  its  use  are  singled  out.  The  actual tendencies in decoration of neckwear, as well as the features of decoration of products with the use of linocut technique are revealed. The combination  of  traditional  art  techniques  of manual  printing  on  textile  with  modern
computer  technologies  is  offered.  The  model ranges  of  women`s  and  children`s  neckwear with  author  prints  are  presented,  which  are created  with  the  use  of  combination  of
manual and digital printing.  Scientific novelty consists in the fact that the stylistic  and  artistic  and  compositional features  of  neckwear  decor  with  the  author prints,  which  are  executed  in  various  artistic techniques, are outlined. The author prints for
neckwear  are  systematized  on  various grounds. 


print on fabric; neckcloth; neckerchief; linocut; computer technologies; art-design



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