Р. М. Гаврилюк


The  dissemination  of  the  local  lore  and  the  strengthening  of  the  educational  and methodological base of local lore in the system of ethno-design education, the popularization of the  historical-lore  heritage  of  the  Vyzhnytsia  art  center,  the  actualization  of  methodological
foundations of ethno-design teaching, their scientific substantiation of importantance. Methodology.  The  article  uses  general  scientific  methods  of  descriptive,  comparative,  the method of systematization and synthesis. During the studing of local lore the analytical method
of research, as well as the methods of classification of components of professional competencies in  ethno-design  education  of  future  specialists  of  creative  direction,  were  used,  which  will contribute to the direct realization of perspective projects of the graduates of Vyzhnytsia Applied College of Arts and Design named after Vasil Shkribliak in the creativity and the cultural field of Ukraine.  Results. As a result of the research it is established ,that the historical and local lore is the basis
of  creative  activity  in  various  fields  of  art  and  design.  It  is  determined,  that  the  processes  of globalization, characteristic of modern society, require the understanding of the problems of the
national  revival,  the  reflection  of  the  manifestation  of  the  national  culture  features  in  modern ethno-design. The ethno design methodology is becoming an important component of modern culture and leads to significant changes in the composition of the aesthetic characteristics of the subject environment. The inclusion of the components of the national culture and ethno-design in the educational process gives the opportunity to form the creative professional thinking of future graduates of Vyzhnytsia Applied College of Arts and Design named after Vasil Shkribliak.
Scientific  novelty.  The  idea  of  forming  the  scientific  basis  for  exploring  the  perspectives  of conceptual  transformations  of  ethno-design  in  Ukraine,  taking  into  account  the  processes  of globalization and regional specificity, was further developed in the article; the understanding of the influence of socio-political situation in Ukraine on the development of ethno-design. Practical  significance.  The  main  statements  of  the  article  can  be  the  theoretical,  factual  and
historiographic basis for the development of general and special lecture courses and seminars at the educational establishments of arts and culture, as well as used in the educational process for preparatory courses in ethno-design.


Bukovynian Hutsul region; artistic education; Vyzhnytsia art center; artistic culture; national consciousness



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