Л. В. Міхєєва


The  purpose  of  this  article  is  to identify  the  distinctive  features  of  the  visual language  of  creating  logos  of  musical  band under  the  influence  of  cultural  and  socio-political events. Methodology.  The  research  method  is  to observe  and  compare  design  objects.  For
analysis, the logos of music bands were taken, the  list  of  which  consists  of  more  than  180 groups  that  existed  and  existed  on  the
Ukrainian  music  space  for  at  least  two  years. The chronological boundaries of the study are determined by the period of Independence of
Ukraine (1991 – to date). Results. The trends of the visual component of
logos have been divided into several historical periods.  The  visual  language  of  each  of  the designated periods is traced, the characteristic
features and tendencies of the visual series are revealed. The typology of logos of music band by graphic and semantic loading is deduced as
the means of communication that influence the creation of the image of the music band and its brand. Some types of logos are considered as a  means of identifying a music band. Scientific  novelty.  There  is  a  systematization of  logos  of  music  bands  according  to  certain
characteristics,  elements  of  visual  languages, graphic  components.  Cases  of  creating  a recognizable brand of a music bands that have
no established logo but have existed for a long time  due  to  the  fan  audience  that  perceives their  creativity  are  considered  separately.  It  is argued that the musical style in which a certain team works on the functioning of a brand of a music bands as a whole is the most influential
factor  in  creating  elements  of  its  visual language. Practical  significance.  The  proposed systematization  and  conclusions  presented  in the  article  can  be  used  in  scientific  studies related to the further study of the elements of graphic  identification;  in  the  educational
process of studying the subject of research; in the preparation of training and methodological manuals in graphic design.


logo; visuallanguage; identification; musicband; image

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2617-0272.2020.1.11


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