I. M. Gryshchenko, M. V. Kolosnichenko, K. L. Pashkevych


Determination of the design principles of shaping in the design of fur garments that provide innovative character of the design activities and high level of artistic and stylistic properties of the projected objects, as well as revealing of methodological importance of the use of the principles of composition for design-projection of the models of fur garments in the professional training of the students – designers and fashion designers of the clothes in Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. Methods.  The  theoretical  and  methodological  basis  of  the  research  are  scientific  works  of  foreign and native researchers, devoted to design-projection of fur garments, researches of the collections of world-famous and native fashion designers. General scientific methods of retrospective, comparative, system and structural analysis are the methodological basis of the research too. Results.  The  analysis  of  fashion  trends  in  fur  clothes  is  made  and  it  is  found  that  the  leading designers  of  the  world  have  made  the  fur  an  integral  part  of  their  collections.  The  basic  principles  of
composition  used  in  the  design  of  fur  garments  are  determined;  the  examples  of  their  use  in  design-projection  of  the  modern  models  of  clothes,  made  of  natural  fur,  are  provided.  The  presented  types  of compositional  connections  are  used  in  the  design  of  the  fur  clothes  both  individually  and  in  different combinations. The selection of one or another expressive mean for design of the fur garments, as well as for
other types of the clothes, depends on the following factors: basic idea and its figurative content; functional purpose; age group of the consumers, etc. Scientific novelty of the work is in the complex approach to the peculiarities of use of the principles of  composition  in  the  design  of  fur  garments  on  the  basis  of  the  analysis  of  fashion  trends  and  modern innovative technologies of fur decoration, and the determination of artistic and compositional regularities in the design of fur garments.
Practical  significance  of  the  research  is  made  necessary  by  the  expansion  and  deepening  of theoretical knowledge about the process of design-projection of the fur clothes.


creative source; design of the clothes; composition of the costume; fur garments; fur industry

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