O. S. Vasylieva


To study and to define the main design components and principles of design of school uniform, to determine the methods of transformation used in the development of such range of products. To study the optimal composition of school uniform for boys and girls of the junior school group, to identify the main elements of transformation of school uniform and the ways to use them. The complex approach, which provides for the analysis of scientific sources, related to the issues of design of school uniform and uniform clothes for children, as well as the system and structural and the morphological analysis of the research object, is applied.  Results.  The  basic  components  used  in  the  design  of  uniforms,  school  uniforms  and  children`s clothes  are  theoretically  worked  out  and  summarized.  It  is  found  that  the  idea  of  a  school  uniform-transformer corresponds to the modern functional needs for school uniforms. The composition of the optimal assortment of school uniform is determined. The researches on the main principles of transformation, on the
constituent  elements  and  the  types  of  connections  of  parts  of  school  uniforms  for  children  determine  the basic principles of designing of school uniform-transformer. The principle of the formation of the assortment of school clothes-transformers for girls is proposed. Scientific  novelty.  On  the  basis  of  analytical  researches,  the  information  on  the  principles  of designing of school uniform-transformer is determined and systematized. The elements  of the transformed school uniform, as well as structural connections between them are distinguished. Practical significance. The actual assortment range of the school uniform, and its silhouette forms are  identified.  The  obtained  results  determine  the  possibility  of  a  more  profound  understanding  of  the components of designing of school uniform, which consists in using the obtained results in further scientific researches.


school uniform; design; principles of transformation; psychophysiological features; comfort of the clothes

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