Є. О. Головчанська


Explore the characteristic artistic and compositional features of women's blouses from the 1950s and 1960s, to identify and systematize the main tendencies in the development of forms, silhouettes and women's blouses, to develop a database of constructive and decorative elements of blouses of this period. The analytical-typological, comparative-typological  method,  as  well  as  the method  of  structuring  illustrative  materials  -
photographs,  drawings  from  fashion  magazines, advertising posters has been used. Results.  A  historical  analysis  of  models  of women's  blouses  50-60-ies  of  the  twentieth
century  was  conducted.  taking  into  account  the influence of social and cultural events of that time. More  than  200  images  of  women's  blouses  that were fashionable and relevant during the period in France,  England,  Canada  and  the  United  States
were  analyzed.  The  basic  artistic-compositional characteristics  of  blouses  and  general  tendencies of  their  shape,  silhouette,  cut,  constructive  and decorative  elements,  color  scale  are  determined. Also,  a  database  of  constructive  and  decorative
elements  for  the  design  of  women's  clothing collections in costume stylistics of those years has been developed.
The scientific novelty consists in systematization of artistic compositional signs of women's blouses of  the  1950s-1960s  and  the  development  of  a database of constructive and decorative elements for  their  further  use  in  the  design  process  of  an industrial collection of modern women's clothing.
Practical  significance.  The  basic  artistic-compositional  and  constructive-decorative features of the device of women's blouses of the 1950s-1960s were determined, a database of basic structural and decorative elements for the design of collections of clothing models was developed.


clothes design; description of artistic composition of woman’s clothes; a blouse; design of industrial clothing collections



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