І. О. Кузнецова


Characterization  and  evaluation  of  the fashion  system  in  the  fine  arts  and  its  influence on the development of artistic images of different cultural eras. Methodology.  The  methods  of  systematization and updating of literary-analytical information of fine arts are used in the work. The accumulation, systematization  and  realization  of  project information  were  conducted  by  studying specialized  professional  literature  on  the properties  of  fine  art  as  a  source  of  the  fashion system. Results.  The  fashion  system  is  represented  by different  elements.  The  concept  of  influence  of climatic  features  on  the  fashion  system  through the prism of fine arts is presented on the basis of the  analysis  of  footwear.  Examples  of  modern footwear  are  shown,  based  on  the  use  of paintings  by  great  masters.  The  stockings,  hats, zibellino  element  as  elements  of  the  fashion system  of  the  time  in  the  fine  arts  have  been considered  in  detail.  It  is  proved  that  clothes, accessories,  cosmetics,  decorations  and  home accessories  are  fashion  products  in  the  fashion system  and  as  a  phenomenon  of  fashion  have been represented in their historical development in  works  of  art.  It  is  proved  that  clothes, accessories,  cosmetics,  decorations  and  home accessories  are  fashionable  products  in  the fashion system and as a phenomenon of fashion have  been  presented  in  their  historical development in the works of art. The scientific novelty. The system of fashion in the  context  of  its  time  in  the  visual  arts  is evaluated  as  a  predictive  characteristic, embedded in the visual arts that exist under the influence  of  climate,  innovation  and  features  of socio-political development of a certain society.


fashion system; fine arts; clothes; decorating and home accessories; artistic styles



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