Олена Володимирівна Зарічна


The paper discusses the research findings on building innovation infrastructure in the framework of cross-border partnerships within the European vector of foreign economic relations development. The key strategic areas for creating business incubators and enhancing integration processes in terms of cross-border partnerships are identified. The alternative ways of funding innovative projects and providing support for innovation infrastructure in the context of cross-border collaboration in the form of public-private partnerships are suggested. The paper argues that public-private partnerships in cross-border cooperation involves not the whole spectrum of relations between communities within the territories of neighbouring states but only those that are associated with general use public infrastructure development and related services provision. Evidence is given that, on the one hand, cross-border infrastructure itself acts as an object of investment, and on the other one, is an essential prerequisite of investment attractiveness and economic growth. It is briefly explained that building an innovation infrastructure on the basis of cross-border partnerships will contribute to: improving the business climate and building environment for investments inflow into Ukrainian economic regions; increasing turnover, boosting small and medium entrepreneurship; creating and maintaining cross-border economic and business incubators, clusters, enhancing and further developing of infrastructure. It is specified that the integration of the developed innovation infrastructure with education, research and business brought together provides for building efficient industry innovation chains, implementing the full cycle of competitive scientific and technological product development – from a research idea to a large-scale manufacturing.


innovations; innovative projects; innovation infrastructure; innovation and technological centres; business incubators; centres for technology transfer; cross-border partnership; public-private partnership; technological parks; clusters; venture funds



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