Олена Валеріївна Птащенко


The article explores the key development trends for international marketing in the area of high-tech entrepreneurship. Specific features of international marketing are determined by the particular characteristics of external environment in which it is implemented. In the first place, an emphasis is made on the critical role of the national government in shaping foreign economic policy. It can either facilitate favorable conditions to enhance international economic activities or on the contrary, the government may be uninterested in the process and create certain barriers to some of the firms in their entry in foreign markets. Reasons have been provided for the relevance of using the specifics of hi-tech marketing in the high-end industry context. It should be noted that the marketing practice adapted for ordinary goods and services proved to be ineffective in the field of high technology and at the international level in particular, thus triggering the need for the research on the development of marketing concepts and tools that can be applied to a specific category of goods – the category of hi-tech. Apparently, it is possible to assert that high-technology marketing is of a specific nature. Such areas of traditional marketing as building positive consumer perception, creating strong competitive advantage, designing promotion models, developing infrastructure and dealer networks, etc. are transforming their content as soon as they are applied within high technology market. It has been revealed that the principles of international hi-tech marketing differ significantly from mass marketing paradigm where standard tools, traditional sales and promotion models prevail. It overturns the traditional business approaches assuming that a single company cannot change common and well-established patterns developed over the years.


hi-tech marketing; international marketing; international hi-tech marketing; marketing development; globalization; international integration; high-tech products; high-tech market; international market; global international environment



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