Аліна Олександрівна Сергачова


The paper discusses various approaches to the interpretation of a ‘cluster’ concept along with revealing basic characteristics of clusters provided by domestic and foreign scholars. An emphasis is made on increasing interest of a range of economic experts and professionals to local industrial agglomeration and specialization issues. However, among the vast body of ideas and concepts, the most relevant is the cluster approach that has been successfully implemented around the globe, since it allows to take full advantage of regional potential taking into consideration both public and private interests. The cluster approach as a tool of local industrial agglomeration and specialization contributes to the increase of competitiveness and innovation capacity. The main focus is drawn to the stages of regional space clustering and the sequence control of the territory cluster development. It is proved that successful implementation of cluster policy should be based on internal processes with due regard to the effects of the external environment. In addition, the government can enhance cluster development by changing local demand; public procurement in territorial companies; training of local workforce through the implementation of supplementary education programs and retraining of personnel; promoting region’s branding to attract foreign investment. It is argued that the cluster approach will facilitate a comprehensive methodology to address the issues of enterprise interactions within different industries. An algorithm of regional space clustering and cluster development management has been elaborated. Argument is given towards the importance of building and implementation of a cluster policy as a framework for each region effective development. The research findings reveal that the success in cluster development can be achieved by creating a well developed cluster policy that has to be a joint responsibility of business and respective government authorities.


cluster; regional space; cluster policy; management; development



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