Nina A. Krakhmalova


The paper seeks to provide insights to the nature and problematic issues as well as to specify the institutes for adaptation and integration of internally displaced persons in modern Ukraine. Yet, a vast range of problems faced by IDPS in the process of their adaptation remains unresolved so far. Among the major challenges of IDP social integration are as follows: housing and employment problems, financial hardship, dissolution of family ties, the problem of adaptation, etc. The situation and problems of internally displaced persons have been analyzed along with providing a socio-demographic portrait of IDP in Ukraine, the key challenges for IDPS have been revealed. According to the survey, forced migrants maintain close relationships with charity organizations and government social services (respectively 69% and 44% of respondents, respectively). The problem of employment is the survival issue for IDPS in modern realia, since the government support fails to cover even the accommodation costs. Housing rent and utilities expenditures account for almost the entire income of IDPS. Apart from financial problems, a great number of IDPS worry about the ongoing war in Ukraine and strive for peace (84% of respondents) as well as the failure to be with their families (42% of respondents), which are important for the process of adaptation. The research findings offer the following recommendations to be undertaken: the government support must primarily be targeted to resolve the major problems that IDPS cannot overcome on their own, i. e. finding a place to live and employment. It is critical to create favourable environment and incentives for those employers who employ migrants. This will raise the level of IDPs competitiveness in the labour market, thus making their adaptation much easier. Since people have undergone through extremely traumatic experiences due to military actions and the process of resettlement, forced migrants need psychological assistance. Local communities should engage IDPS into social events to foster their integration. In conclusion, it is argued that internally displaced persons are a potential that will allow Ukraine to flourish, live in peace and consent in a single territory, for the sake of a bright future of the nation. The strategies and mechanisms for internally displaced persons adaptation and integration into the new social and cultural environment have been explored; the role of the government, volunteers and international organizations in promoting the adaptation and integration of internally displaced persons has been specified.


internally displaced persons; integration into society; reintegration; forced migration

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