Сергій Олегович Ареф’єв


The paper covers the current issues of counteraction to constantly arising crisis phenomena in the process of using the enterprise potential. For about 15 years the efforts to comply with legislation have been steadily rising, and more and more emphasis is paid to various aspects of corporate social responsibility. There is a wide range of activities, such as increasing employee awareness, creating a management system to prevent abrupt changeover, a solid corporate structure and timely disclosure of information, as well as managing the organization as an integration of its potentials. Adaptive monitoring is viewed as a critical component in finding and controlling the reserves for further utilization of enterprise resources in the context of developing its long-term strategies. Building the subsystems for change management strategies can form the basis for creating anti-crisis potential. However, there is another barrier to the process of adaptation which is a vulnerable internal environment. Apparently, the goals of the chosen strategies in each of the business areas are not always announced, and this can increase the entropy level within the enterprise, creating threats and hazards that give rise to crisis phenomena. From a dynamic perception, adaptive management concept involves the construction of a decomposition of its possible implementation scenarios subject to the type of threats to enterprise performance and characteristics of its potentials. The search for the development models that can retain the enterprise resources is a fundamental challenge for its operation in the future. It is about facilitating the transition from product economy to the system economy, from a dissipative approach to resources to an adaptive management practices, to a cultural leap towards economic and environmental sustainability that should affect the entire society, from strengthening of the territory and cooperation among all stakeholders to gain the resource utilization efficiency beyond renewable energy, starting with raw materials and local waste management to create an integrated technology network and from a number of integrated technologies, from deindustrialized territories reconstruction towards new relationships between agriculture, industry and academia, conducting local case studies to test the effects of innovations, thus boosting the process of transforming the research results into new pilot projects.


adaptive monitoring; strategy; potential; anti-crisis potential; resistors; subsystem of strategies



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