Зоя Олегівна Іванова, Ольга Анатоліївна Мріх


The paper explores the existing concepts of sales, sales policy and sales promotion, in particular, specifies the definition of a marketing sales policy concept as well as provides insights about the role and significance of marketing sales promotion policy. The study discusses a range of issues related to challenges in enhancing company’s competitiveness, identifies advantages and disadvantages of sales promotion along with revealing the most effective distribution channels in terms of various marketing communication tools. Specific advantages and disadvantages of particular forms and methods of sales, such as personal selling and selling via the Internet are considered. Within the context of sales promotion, special emphasis is put on the effect of such market drivers as price increase, impulsive buying tendency, increased competition, dramatic socioeconomic tension, etc. It is argued that sales policy of enterprises should rely on their respective marketing strategies, viewed as a set of tactical measures and actions to generate demand. To understand the root causes and prerequisites for the active use of sales promotion instruments in the marketing promotion mix, their core benefits and limitations have been exposed. Among a vast range of sales promotion tools, their common specific characteristic is the focus for gaining rapid sales growth in a short period of time. Thus, the research findings have revealed that this type of marketing communication as an element of integrated promotion strategy seems promising and effective, given the prompt and positive significant outcomes in the short term, and with careful planning and regular application it can lay a good background for a long-term brand loyalty. To achieve the most effective results from the implementation of sales promotion techniques, it is critical to develop a clear and specific sales promotion strategy that will entail information about the ultimate goal, tools, characteristics and the budget of the sales promotion mi, as well as the results from the sales program testing, monitoring and assessment.


sales policy; sales promotion; company competitiveness; methods and tools of sales promotion; distribution channels



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