Анатолій Іванович Ковальов, Олександр Сергійович Літвінов


Understanding of the enterprise intellectual capital development concept entails irreversible, targeted, regular, qualitative changes in the state of its objects. Therefore, the scientists face the problem of quantitative measurement of the state of intellectual capital and its changes. In turn, the measurement process involves the procedure of attributing the numbers to the characteristics of intellectual capital development subject to certain rules with the purpose of replacing the research of the of intellectual capital development by the study of its numerical model. This triggers the need to develop a theoretical and methodological framework for measuring the level of enterprise intellectual capital development through building a step-by-step analysis, identification of indices and indicators and their specific effects on intellectual capital development. To assess the degree of intellectual capital development, a taxonomic analysis should be used since it allows to account for a number of latent factors which may have a multi-directional relationship with the level of development as well as different units of measurement. Moreover, the taxonomy method helps to estimate the distance of the level of enterprise intellectual capital development from the standard and that of other companies and offers a possibility to reveal additional resources in intellectual capital development. The study attempts to explore theoretical and methodological premises to measure the level of intellectual capital development which consist of a sequence of 12 analysis stages. Thus, enterprise management gains a benefit to identify hidden, latent development characters of each of the four components of intellectual capital. As a result of the evaluation of particular components of intellectual capital development by means of classical, modified, and integrated algorithms we obtain an integral assessment of the enterprise intellectual capital development. Practical testing of theoretical and methodological foundations for measuring the degree of intellectual capital development was performed based on evidence from 14 domestic industrial enterprises.


development; intellectual capital; taxonomic analysis; measurement of the development level; latent characteristics, components of intellectual capital



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