Лариса В. Шаульська, Ольга А. Дороніна, Наталія С. Якимова


The article seeks to explore the transformation of behavioral models of labor market actors in modern realia which is characterized by a range of diverse manifestations of economic, institutional, social and psychological nature. It is observed that a key distinctive feature of this transformation is the effects from new challenges and risks on the formation and implementation of professional and educational trajectories in the contemporary society. It is argued that encouraging and supporting innovative types of employment is critical to improving the living standards and quality of life for the population and has a positive impact on the nation’s socioeconomic development. The study presents the pathways to ensure innovative types of employment in Ukraine by using new regulatory tools which lay the basis for the respective management mechanism. The purpose of this research is to design a framework to ensure the development of innovative types of employment with regard to various behavioral models of labor market actors. In this context, the key objective is to explore alternative professional and educational trajectories as well as to search for factors to ensure their effectiveness. To attain the research goals, the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, system analysis, abstraction and logical generalization were employed to work out a mechanism to development innovative types of employment. It has been verified that a significant increase in the services sector employment challenges implementation of a proactive labor market policy to respond promptly to changes in demand for labour and will contribute to building innovative professional and educational capacity of the population, in particular, train highly skilled personnel able to effectively use their knowledge, skills and competences acquired. The study offers a mechanism to ensure the development of innovative types of employment in Ukraine which includes the following structural elements: the purpose, principles, objectives, functions, methods, criteria of innovative employment, its actors and objects, priority areas, factors and tools to promote innovative employment in Ukraine. It has been reasoned that a key to successful implementation of the proposed mechanism is the harmonization of interests of all stakeholders involved, in particular, the government and employers, along with the development and implementation of joint programs of social support for economic transformation. The implementation of the proposed mechanism will contribute to ensuring high quality workforce by improving their skills and professional competences, work experience, boosting innovation, mobility and adaptability of employees which ultimately will translate into an effective management framework to enhance behavioral trajectories of individuals and foster their better productivity.


behavioral models; labor market actors; professional and educational trajectories; innovative types of employment; government employment policy; innovative professional and educational potential; mechanism



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