Олена М. Сохацька


The paper provides insights into logistics specifics and its key elements at a modern enterprise in the context of globalization along with discussing the interrelation of modern marketing tools and possibilities of its implementation within enterprise logistics activities. It is argued that consumer logistics is the most critical element in the enterprise logistics system. In contemporary market environment, consumer demands in the industrial market are not limited to meeting the manufacturers’ needs for raw materials and high quality materials and products but also involve efforts to ensure timely delivery as well as the access to flexible pricing plans for logistics services at a minimum total cost. It is emphasized that responding to the above requirements and meeting the consumer expectations challenge the design and implementation of relevant marketing activities and policies. The modern marketing and logistics concept seeks to address the following objectives: developing and planning product assortment; information flows management; product turnover and sales management; advertising and sales promotion, etc. The findings demonstrate that the company effective e-marketing management strategy in the logistics frameworks will boost its long-term competitiveness compared to other companies operating in the market. It is argued that a competitive e-sales management strategy should be based on a thorough analysis of the company's current competitive position in order to improve it. In this context, the company's competitive position is determined by its competitive advantages in the Internet and this market attractiveness to manufacturing and business activities of the enterprise. The best practice from the countries with developed economies shows that in modern realia the company succeeds if it focuses on the customer, provides high quality products and services, and promotes up-to-date management methods. Effective communication with a customer is a crucial and integral part of the company tender procurement process, being a starting and a final stage of product output. By the results of the study it is concluded that meeting the customer expectations is a key goal for modern enterprises.


logistics process; logistics; marketing logistics; logistics development; logistics tools; logistics activities

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2413-0117.2020.2.6


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