Liudmyla M. Hanushchak-Yefimenko


The article provides insights into business process management of rural enterprises. The study substantiates the main factors affecting management efficiency and provides rationale for the degree of each of the impact factor that allows to held profitability control and timely respond to changes in market environment. Based on the review of modern performance assessment methods, the findings demonstrate their diversity resulted from different goals in efficiency evaluation (evaluating changes in time, structure, etc.), as well as the heterogeneous nature of the system elements to be evaluated. Following the logic of management decision-making process, the study suggests the key areas for effective business process management at rural enterprises. It is argued that the implementation of the selected strategic vectors will facilitate a reasoned distribution of discrete management functions taking into account the correlation of enterprise costs at different management level along with contributing to settling the technological sequence of operations and assigning them to particular managerial staff. While developing the specific management vectors, the typical functions to meet business processes management needs at rural enterprises in Ukraine have been selected to be applied in practice. The research conclusions offer the following generalizations: the implementation of the key four management process functions is a cyclical process; given the results of control, a new plan is formed, and within the new management process cycle, all functions are preserved. A pathway to effective business processes management at rural enterprises is implementation of an integrated approach which involves the assessment of the set of selected indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, i. e. absolute and relative ones, respectively.


efficiency; business processes; management; rural areas; management functions; planning; organization; motivation; control

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2413-0117.2020.4.6


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