Л. В. Краснюк, О. М. Троян, К. М. Туржанська, Ю. С. Глушко


Purpose. Artistic design and production of the author couture collection using constructive and compositional signs romantic style. Methodology. The basic principles of the systematic approach to artistic design of the author couture collection such as literary-analytical research and associative stylization of the source of creativity were used in the process. Results. Using of floral motives in an artistic and compositional solution of the modern women closthing were analyzed and systemized. The main principles of creation the clothes in a romantic style were determined. The main stages of sources of creativity stylization such as peony flowers are determined, the collection of couture in a romantic style is produced, and the main peculiarities of the designed collection are described. Scientific novelty. Systematized the constructive and compositional signs of the modern clothes in a romantic style was developed ty the range, silhouette, figure blocking, color spectrum, materials, prints, decorative and constructive elements, decoration. Practical significance. The trends were analyzed, the modern designers’ collections were reviewed and the main artistic and compositive peculiarities of the romantic style in modern clothing were determined. The main substyles of a romantic style in the modern clothing were found. Identified ways of using floral motives using in artistic and compositive solution in modern clothing was developed. The classification is fundamental for designing of the couture collection with a natural source of creativity. Artistic and compositional base of designing of couture collection in a romantic style using the floral motives as the source of creativity were developed.


natural source of creativity; floral motives; transformation of the source of creativity; romantic style



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