С. С. Кисиль, О. В. Полякова, Т. В. Булгакова


Research  and  identification  of theoretical and practical possibilities of digital technologies  use  interior  design  of  civil buildings.  The  material  of  the  article  is focused on shaping  with  the introduction of modern  digital  technologies  in  the  interiors design of civil buildings. Methodology.  The  research  is  based  on historical,  cultural,  artistic,  stylistic, iconographic  methods.  Methods  of comparative,  typological  analysis  and experimental design were also used. Results.  The  modern  trends  in  the  use  of digital technologies in the interiors design of
civil  buildings  are  revealed.  Design approaches  to  the  organization  of  object-spatial filling based on the analysis of foreign experience  accumulated  in  recent  years,  by generalizing the use of digital technologies in the  modern  interior  design  enironment  of civil  buildings.  Namely:  the  emphasis  on artistic  expressiveness  and  imagery  and  the dominance  of  the  functional  component  in
the  solution  of  interactive  objects.  Each  of these  approaches  is  implemented  through the use of digital hardware and different ways
of  incorporating  them  into  the  structure  of the  object-space  environment.  The  study  of numerous  examples  of  civilian  interiors  has made  it  possible  to  establish  that  digital hardware  is  the  leading  in  shaping  the interactive space. Scientific novelty. It’s about exploring trends in  the  use  of  digital  technologies  in  the process  of  creating  interactive  forms  with their specific artistic elements in forming new aesthetic paradigms of contemprary interior design of civilian buildings. Practical significance. The results presented in  this  work  –  the  latest  technologies,  tools and approaches to the formation of a spatial
domain  in  conjunction  with  digital technologies  can  be  used  in  the  design process  of  interiors  of  civil  buildings.  The findings can be applied in the preparation of specialist  designers  in  institutions  of  higher education in the artistic field.


design; modernin terior; digital technologies; civilianbuildings; innovations; trends; style



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