Олена Володимирівна Зарічна


The paper seeks to explore the pathways for promoting the development of innovative entrepreneurship based on cross-border partnerships. The study has revealed that the conceptual objective of the innovative development regulatory policy is the integration of society through the interactions among government, business, population, media and public organizations for building a single ideological framework for innovative development which will reflect the economic, social, political and cultural capacities of the state as well as the potential benefits they could bring to the country by delivering structural and innovative transformations. It is argued that the guiding principles of innovative development should involve elaboration of a set of the key economic development indicators for the long run which contributes to creating proper motivation and understanding of the ultimate outcomes of the national innovation policy by the society, business community and government authorities. Apparently, an emphasis is made that building a synergistic effect is critical in boosting cross-border partnerships through facilitating better interactions among ministries and institutions in their programs implementation and innovation-driven activities; identifying targeted goals, vectors and instruments of government innovation policy that is carried out at the national level followed by its consistent application at the level of territorial and administrative units. Using the international best practice in promoting innovative entrepreneurship development based on a cross-border partnerships subject to the national specifics, the study exposed the problem areas related to the legislation deficiency, innovative integration funding challenges, lack of qualified workforce in certain regions of Ukraine, etc.


integration associations; innovations; innovation activity; innovative development models; innovative entrepreneurship; innovative climate; enterprise clustering; cluster entrepreneurship; cross-border partnership



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