Марина Іванівна Тімофєєва


The paper discusses the issues of social projects development to meet the citizens’ needs or to resolve certain social problems by changing the social situation. The reason for designing social projects is responding to the challenges with conflicting, multi-vector development trends or those to be adequately addressed. Social projects demonstrate their specifics. In this context, the principal expert in their assessment is not the government or the project contractor but the society. In modern realia, it is critical to build a strong social state which can not be achieved through the government’s policies alone, however the combined efforts and close cooperation between the community and the state contributes to the desired effect. evidence revealed that such partnerships have gained great significance, although it is argued that there is a need to clearly demarcate the roles of each of the parties. An appropriate information platform was created in Ukraine that optimizes the process of selecting the best projects and accessing the results after their testing. Social projects have a large variety of forms, dimensions, sources of funding and terms of execution. The issue of project feasibility remains paramount. The key criteria to evaluate the social project implementation expediency are the following: harmonization of project proposals, business goals and the overall government strategic development plan; identifying the significance of the project results for the government; specification of the social project capability to adapt for most regions of the country; social project effectiveness. Social projects have become an essential element within the social protection framework, since modern society have no more expectations as to the government assistance, but ultimately seek to search for their own tools to resolve social issues through developing social projects and programs, attracting investment, etc.


social project; social design; social partnership; social protection



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