Олена Валеріївна Птащенко


The paper seeks to explore the principal components of labor potential along with suggesting a definition of labor potential as a set of human qualities and abilities affected by interrelated quantitative and qualitative factors resulting from the relationships among material, technical, innovative, socio-cultural and other elements of enterprise economic potential. The key components of labor potential are: education, creativity, health, morality, activity, good organization, professionalism, timing (the ability of rational use of working time). From the labor market perspective, special attention should be paid to the latest technologies in the area of education, evolution of education marketing and the implementation of educational programs aimed at building new skills and competencies by the working-age population of Ukraine. Apparently, it is argued that the current stage of education services market development with ongoing implementation of advanced technology translates into its gradual transformation and becoming an evolving and promising sector of the economy which from year to year increases the scope of demand and supply for educational services. Globalization and integration challenges encourage modern businesses to focus on offering new soft skills to their employees. Thus, the issues of enhancing the social activity effectiveness are gaining more and more relevance in particular the context of intensification of social reproduction, contributing to building a solid background for a new innovative model of sustainable economic development which makes the human participation effectiveness critical for the production process. The enterprise labor potential in modern realia of intensified globalization is becoming an integral part of its competitiveness increase while entering the world market and planning the launch of the latest technological processes and high-tech products.


labor potential; innovative labor potential; rating; ranking



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