Олександр Борисович Злотенко


The article seeks to explore the concepts of building strategy and strategic guidelines for industrial enterprises to ensure their economic security. It should be noted that in modern business settings, company strategy is of long-term character and is affected by a wide range of economic activity factors. Operating in industrial sector of the economy is associated with multicomponent production arrangements that challenge the need for high-quality technical support. In this regard, investment activity is of critical importance to industrial enterprises. Its key strategic priority is to promote research and development, technological and technical modernization of production. Within the scope of this study, the two issues of the industrial enterprise investment plan have been addressed, i.e. investment funds attracting and their placement. Investment generation to upgrade the production process, along with gaining additional benefits triggers certain risks inherent to such type of financial instruments. In the context of setting strategic guidelines for industrial enterprises, it is suggested to consider investment security as a subsystem and critical element in the economic security system. It is argued that investment security policy should be developed within the framework of tactical planning, since investment security is only part of the overall economic security paradigm. However, the outcomes of such activities should be anticipated at the stage of designing strategic guidelines for efficient enterprise functioning. While implementing the company strategy, it is proposed to divide the total range of tactical actions into two contingent groups: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal activities are targeted on enhancing the enterprise capacity building which in turn will make a resource base for facilitating the transition to the next stage of approaching the desired effect or a final goal. It is also argued that selecting strategic priorities and developing pathways to implement them is a complex and multifaceted process that requires a thorough approach for setting strategic objectives as well as elaborating interim stages in total enterprise development plan.


investment; investment activity; economic security; strategy; strategic guidelines



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