Олена Володимирівна Ареф’єва, Заріна Миколаївна Побережна


The article defines the intellectualization of enterprise business process management based on the components of holistic approach. The study explores the issues of managing holistic development of complex socioeconomic systems and presents the principles of criteria formalization in holistic management of company business processes. The basic factors and conditions enhancing the company holistic development management efficiency are investigated along with providing insights to the key external and internal drivers in application of the concept of holistic development of business processes. A conclusion about the need to employ the holistic development paradigm as the most promising one is substantiated. The article presents a model of a holistic approach to managing company business processes. The authors offer their original interpretation of the holistic approach as an integrated concept focused on the company potential, in particular its economic capacity, reflecting different stages of company market relationships and utilization of resources. An emphasis is put that the holistic approach toolkit has been applied only to those sectors of the national economy that are characterized by high innovation activity on the one hand and a high degree of consumer interaction, on the other. The study also suggests implications for further research which are associated with identification of methodological components of holistic approach in business process management and their adaptation to modern realia of Ukraine’s economy, as well as the elaboration of practical guidelines to implement the holistic approach in building the company marketing mix. The background for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises has been analyzed together with identifying its future trends in the context of economy stabilization. Regression analysis was carried out for small, medium and large enterprises. It is argued that small and medium-sized businesses need specific organizational forms and adequate financial support to operate effectively, it is also important to find optimal patterns of cooperation between SMEs and other sectors of the economy, in particular, with large corporations and the government. In this context, the option of implementation of international best practices should be considered.


management intellectualization; holistic development; business processes; enterprise; holistic approach; factors and conditions of holistic development; sustainable development



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