Олена В. Птащенко, Дарина Є. Архипова


This study attempts to explore the components of the logistics process in modern business settings with a particular emphasis on the key role of logistics in enterprise development as well as provides insights on carrying out logistics activities in the context of accelerating globalization and integration processes. The article presents an overview of basic logistics tools and specific features of their application. It is emphasized that the key benefit of logistics is gained by using advanced information technology. It is argued that application of marketing logistics provides most efficient solutions to store and move goods to locations of sales and consumption. Apart from that, the research findings have revealed that even in case of high logistics costs, the implementation of high-quality logistics programs offers competitive advantages. Besides, logistics processes prove their critical importance for building an effective management system to meet consumers’ (customers’) demands and needs and facilitate commercialization of successful business performance. A conclusion is made that the availability of the company own logistics process contributes to gaining such benefits as: effective coordination of manufacturing and sales policies; improvement of marketing organizational structures and their optimization; providing better information support (speeding-up of information processing, implementation of the latest information technologies, application of optimal internet marketing tools); optimal use of human resources; legal support and building of reliable business relations in a partnership framework; absence of conflict of interests among the logistics process participants or reaching parity in relations based on mutual compromise; continuous improvement of marketing and management decision making in the company, etc.


logistics process; marketing logistics; logistics development; logistics tools; logistics activities



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