Danyil V. Laponoh


This study focuses on a wide range of issues related to the effects of integration process on the development of economic relations, in particular, in the road transport services market. Special emphasis is put on the critical role of integration in contributing to building circular technological supply chains, ensuring sales coordination and management, reducing unit costs and increasing labor productivity. It is argued that the outcome of integration translates into a cohesive economic mechanism which in addition to its integrated elements is characterized by the presence of a core coordination element. The article offers a definition to a public-private partnership phenomenon, identifies its advantages and disadvantages, explores the mechanisms of public-private partnership implementation as well as suggests a toolkit to optimize the partnership functioning for integrated structures. This is a pioneering study that provides a rationale for the need to use several public-private partnership patterns simultaneously together with developing a mechanism for carrying out public-private partnership which is proposed to be consolidated into the mechanism of integrated partnership viewed as the most preferable one to be implemented in the market of road transport services. It has been verified that the integrated partnership pattern provides an opportunity to develop competitive advantages of all its participants. The research findings have enabled to make the following generalizations: the existing partnerships differ in types of arrangements and institutional support; prior to making a decision to launch a specific integrated partnership project, the mechanism of its implementation should be envisaged; to enhance the efficiency of the integrated partnership project implementation, building relevant infrastructure facilities is paramount; the prospects for further integrated partnership project operation assume the utilization of a network mechanism of public-private partnership which best meets the needs and the specifics of the road transport services market.


integrated partnership; public-private partnership, integration; coordination

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