Victoria V. Hotra, Olena Yu. Ganushchak


The study argues that in modern realia, investment activity is a powerful driver for sustainable growth and dynamic economic development in Ukraine as well as a robust foundation to facilitate further reproduction and expansion of operational and innovation potential of business structures and to boost their competitiveness and performance efficiency. However, the lack of a comprehensive highly effective investment management framework which is capable to provide an adequate response to rapidly changing market environment and is aimed at ensuring the rational use of investment resource challenges the need develop and enhance conceptual and methodological approaches and tools for more effective entrepreneurship investment management, the application of which will have important implications for spurring socioeconomic development through an updated investment mechanism. Given the limited resources available, a special emphasis is put on the specific methodological toolkit to optimize investment portfolio as an essential element in business investment management framework based on the use of relevant economic and mathematical methods and models which ensures a reasonable choice of investment area. The article attempts to substantiate the selected instruments and methodological approach to facilitate effective decision-making as to building an optimal investment portfolio. This process is represented by consistent progress along the chain “investment proposal portfolio – alternative investment portfolio – company investment portfolio” followed by gradual narrowing and each link structure optimization.


investment process; investment portfolio; alternative investments; investment mechanisms; competitiveness; management; entrepreneurship

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2413-0117.2020.5.12


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