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The production of such footwear as riding boots requires additional equipment like a special mold for the formation of bootlegs, which are made using intermediate frame parts to ensure rigidity and preserving shape. The special mold of riding boots is a stylized shape of the leg from its foot to knee. The lower part corresponding to the shoe last is designed based on the parameters of the average foot, taking into account the requirements of biomechanics, physiology, and aesthetic features of the shoe style. The upper part repeats the parameters of the shin and has a specifi c asymmetrical shape, which ensures a stylish and perfect form of the riding boot. To obtain the initial data for designing the mold, there were performed anthropometric measurements of the shins of young women whose feet sizes correspond to the average ones in the selected sample. Designing of the lower part of the mold was carried out on the basis of the average parameters of the foot in Crispin LastMaker software complex using the method of reverse engineering. Designing of the
general shape was performed in the PowerShape software environment by means of the features of surface, solid, and hybrid modeling. This type of boots must be made with several width-girth parameters, and the possibility to make boots with diff erent designs must be provided. Therefore, in order to e ff ectively use the molding means (a boot-
tree), in the work, there was proposed the transforming mold, which allows making boots of diff erent widths and with diff erent shapes of the toe part due to its struc ture consisting of four parts changing the relative position and individual elements due to which it is possible to achieve multipurpose usage. Objective. Development of an improved shape, design, and method of designing a boot-tree molding means based on the foot 3d scan and shin measurements using the features of modern CAD software.
Topicality of the work is based on the need to equip footwear production with the advanced lasts and molding means taking into account the requirements of ergonomics and fashionable design. Novelty. The proposed structure of the boot-tree developed on the basis of foot measurements is designed using a combination of reverse and direct modeling of the shape, which allows achieving the ideal and unique 3D shape combining ergonomic features and beautiful design. Such design method allows using the available digital equipment to obtain the initial data.


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