• С. І. Мойсеєнко Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • С. В. Донченко Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • А. І. Кулішова Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



Improving the process of forecasting thermal protection of clothing by expanding the information base of thermophysical indicators of fur, namely its thermal resistance. Methodology. To achieve this goal, an experimental method has been applied to study the thermal resistance of clothes by indirectly measuring and simulating heat transfer of the human body with the environment at various temperatures without using a climate chamber.
Results. The paper analyzes the existing information base for the thermophysical parameters of the fur of diff erent animals, as a result of which it was found that the available information is not suffi cient
to predict the thermal protection of clothing. The subject of the study was selected fur animals that are in greatest demand among consumers in Ukraine. Experimental studies of the thermal conductivity of fur vests were carried out as a result of which their thermal resistance was determined. It has been established experimentally that the thermal resistance of the fur of a long-haired rabbit is 0,1 °C m 2 /W more than that of a red fox. As a result of experimental studies, it was found that the total thermal
resistance of red fox fur and long-haired rabbit is in the range of 0,471 to 0,559 °C m 2  / W.  For the fi rst time, the thermal resistance of vests made of long-haired rabbit and red fox fur was determined taking into account the anatomical reliefs of the human torso. The existing
methodology for determining the thermal resistance of garments on the simulated thermal stand of a human torso (ITSHB) to determine the thermal resistance of fur products has been adapted. Practical signifi cance. Extension of information support for the process of forecasting the heat-shielding properties of fur clothing. Reducing material costs for researching the thermal resistance of fur products.


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Мойсеєнко, С. І., Донченко, С. В., & Кулішова, А. І. (2021). THERMAL RESISTANCE OF FUR CLOTHES. Fashion Industry, (4), 41–47.



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