О. Ю. Михайлюк, Н. В. Остапенко, Т. В. Луцкер


The purpose of the article is to determine the preconditions of design of factured solutions of artistic-expressive products. In the course of research, a complex of general scientific approaches was used: visual-analytical, system-informational and the method of classifications.  The artistic and  aesthetic approach  to the  design  of  products  with  facture  effects  is offered.  The  constituent  elements  of  the mentioned  approach  are  determined  and characterized,  their  specificity  is  disclosed.  The artistic  and  aesthetic  features  of  women's clothing  with  factured  effects  are  researched. The  prerequisites  for  the  formation  of  the information  base  of  factures  varieties  for  the
purpose  of  artistically  expressive  women's clothing models designing are outlined. Scientific  novelty.  On  the  basis  of  theoretical researches, an artistic and aesthetic approach to
the design of products with factured effects has been developed and its components have been substantiated.  Dependence  of  the characteristics  of  the  materials  varieties  from products with facture effects was revealed. The criteria  for  assessing  the  artistic  and  aesthetic characteristics  of  women's  clothing  with
factured  effects  are  formulated.  The  offered criteria  of  estimation  of  products  of  women's clothes  are  characterized.  The  possibility  of forecasting the perception of a harmonic image
on  the  basis  of  its  color-factorial  solution  is proved.
Practical significance. The information base of the  types  of  factures  is  formed  and  the  most common  ones  are  identified  with  the  aim  of improving  design  and  expanding  the  range  of new product models. Recommendations on the application of various facture effects in women's clothing are formulated.


facture; clothing; decoration; artistic image



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