І. М. Костюк, Н. В. Сова, Б. М. Савченко, Р. Ш. Іскандаров, Б. П. Савчук


Development of technology for the processing of mixed waste of vinyl flooring by their joint milling and plasticization. The determination of the MFI was carried out according to ISO 1133: 1997 on a capillary viscometer with a constant pressure and temperature (190 ± 0.5) ° C and a weight of 2.16 kg. The thermostability and melting temperature were determined on the Hipro RM 200C plastograph. Mechanical properties were determined on a breaking machine according to ASTM D638. Hardness - using a Shore D durometer, hydrostatic weighing density on an analytical balance RADWAG AS-X2. Equipment for milling and plasticization of a mixture of PVC / PET waste was selected. Qualitative milling of mixed waste is achieved by using a low speed rotary knife grinder with rotor speed of 300 rpm. The properties of the reinforced PVC were obtained. The strength of this film compared with the classic recipe is lower but when by using such materials in the composition it is possible to obtain a material with high physical and mechanical properties and achieve maximum non-waste production which will also have a positive effect on the economy of the enterprise. The technology for joint processing of mixed vinyl flooring waste was developed for the first time. The features of reinforcing PVC matrix with fibers of a PET was obtained at the receipt of films from mixed vinyl flooring waste. The developed technology allows to provide non-waste production of vinyl flooring at enterprises.


polyvinyl chloride; polyethylene terephthalate; mixed waste; milling; PVC film

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/1813-6796.2018.3.6


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