О. Ю. Воляник, О. З. Гладчук


Development  and  analysis  of  mathematical  model  of  oscillation  processes  that  occur during material processing in centrifugal drum washing machines, determination of absence conditions of contact deformations of working bodies and body of centrifugal machine. The  methods  of  mathematical  and  dynamic  modeling  of  electromechanical  systems using specialized software are used. Result of the study is the development and improvement of a dynamic model for the study of physical processes occurring in the oscillating suspension system of drum machines and centrifuges. A mathematical model  (six  degrees  of  freedom)  was  developed  to  describe the  plane  motion  of  the suspension  of  a  drum machine.  The  conditions  that  are  responsible  for  maintaining  contact  between  the  left  and  right  body supports with the base are defined. The condition responsible for maintaining the friction bond between the housing and the base (floor) is also highlighted. Additionally, a check was made for the absence of collisions and  shocks  of  the  protruding  elements  of  the  spring-loaded  tank  counterbalance  system  with  the  lateral,
lower and upper walls of the center of the centrifugal drum washer. Scientific novelty. The analytical expressions that determine the dependencies of forces affecting the working  bodies  of  centrifugal  automatic  washing  machines  are  obtained  in  the  work. The  data  analysis software was used to check whether the friction connection between the base of the case and the floor is broken, and whether the legs of the case are detached from the floor. Practical  significance.  The  results  of  the  research  can  be  used  to  develop  designs  of  centrifugal
machines of the same type for different industries or domestic applications.


oscillatory processes; centrifugal device; washing machine; mathematical modeling; dynamic model



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