M. M. Cheltonov, O. L. Kyrychenko


The purpose of this work is to establish regularities of the leaching process and to determine parameters for leaching ammonium perchlorate from polymer crumb as solid propellant disposal products. The process of leaching ammonium perchlorate from the polymer matrix was carried out in a flask equipped with an agitator in a polymer matrix: water ratio of 1: 2, with such changing parameters as: temperature (20-80 °С), time of extraction process (1-4 h). Then, the obtained refined polymer matrix was filtered off, dried at room temperature, and weighed. The content of the chemical composition of the polymer matrix was determined in refined polymer matrix. The obtained polymer matrix was dried at temperatures of 70 ºС, 90 ºС, 100 ºС to constant weight, with intermittent weighing of dried samples. It was determined that the degree of leaching of ammonium perchlorate from polymer matrix when the leaching time is 2-4 hours is maximum, both during the process at a temperature of 20 °C and at a temperature of 60 °C and 80 °C, respectively. It was found that the maximum degree of ammonium perchlorate leaching from polymer matrix was 82.3% in the experiment with the following modes - the process temperature was 80 °C, the speed of the mechanical stirrer was 400 rpm, and the leaching process took 4 hours. It was found that the most preferable temperature range for the drying of refined polymer matrix is 90 to 100 °С. It was determined that the refined polymer matrix is a substance which is not particularly dangerous for transportation and can be recommended for use as a filler in compositions of emulsion explosives, or for extraction of nitramine. Establishing the regularities of ammonium perchlorate extraction from polybutadiene-based solid propellant, obtained from expired loaded motor cases. The data obtained after a detailed technical and economic analysis can be considered as the basis for the creation of a pilot industrial facility for the extraction of a water-insoluble component of solid propellant, i.e. ammonium perchlorate.


extraction; drying; ammonium perchlorate; polymer matrix; solid propellant

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/1813-6796.2020.1.11


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