Н. П. Супрун, Л. І. Зубкова, Г. М. Пожилов-Несміян, Ю. О. Ващенко


Improvement of the process of clothing development for people with different types of disabilities, due to the algorithm of the sequence of designing and manufacturing of products, schemes of solutions for the improvement of sewing products, taking into account special  requirements for design, materials and technology for the manufacture of adaptive clothing. The methodology of designing special clothes  is  used,  which  takes  into  account  peculiarities  of  physiological  changes  of  the  body  structure  and conditions of exploitation, in order to create an up-to-date range of sewing products. Findings. The analysis
of  requirements  for  garments  that  are  put  forward  by  people  with  disabilities,  given  that  developed  and presented  algorithm  and  system  solutions  for  the  improvement  and  development  of  adaptive  clothing. Originality. Improved sewing products for people with disabilities, taking into account the specifics of the type  of  disease  and  conditions  of  use.  Implementation  of  the  proposed  design  solutions  provided  design changes,  the  use  of  new  technological  units  and  scientific  and  reasonable  choice  of  materials.  Practical
value.  New  design  and  technological  solutions  have  been  developed,  materials  have  been  configurated, clothing has been selected more appropriate to the characteristics of the consumer, a number of models of adaptation  clothing  have  been  developed  and  provided  to  the  experimental  exploitation  of  people  with disabilities.



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