Nataliia V. Fastovets


The article discusses the specifics of female entrepreneurship development in Ukraine along with presenting the author’s original definition of a female entrepreneurship concept. The objective of this study is to identify common characteristics, types and patterns of female entrepreneurship. At this stage of the study, the current state, trends and the development specifics of female entrepreneurship in Ukraine have been explored. The results of statistical data analysis and social research findings have enabled to provide insights on the female entrepreneurship development dynamics in Ukraine, reveal its basic characteristics and forms as well as the key drivers of female entrepreneurial activity and the structure of their motivation, and apart from that, to identify the business areas in which female entrepreneurs are actively engaged. The study also provides strong statistical evidence supporting the statement that female entrepreneurship is a crucial factor that spurs economic growth, job creation, income equality, and contributes to enhancing social stability in the society. In the frameworks of the research agenda, this paper also seeks to explore the fundamental tenets underpinning female-led businesses. In this context, the study presents the assessment results on employment indicators, the degree of company profitability and the pay rate in female-led businesses. The research findings reveal that the core of female entrepreneurship specifics in Ukraine refer to the entrepreneurial motivation of Ukrainian women which differs significantly from male incentives and which makes female entrepreneurship a unique tool in meeting the aspirations of women for their self-actualization in the society. It is argued that female entrepreneurship in Ukraine demonstrates a steady upward trend despite yet relatively low rate of overcoming gender inequality in Ukraine's economy.


entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial activity; female entrepreneurship; gender gap; labor market; business activity; employment; job placement; legal entity; individual entrepreneur

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2413-0117.2020.5.6


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