• T. В. Єліна Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Т. А. Дзикович Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Л. Є. Галавська Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Т. М. Дмитренко Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



Development of a model of warm and stylish women's stockings with a jacquard pattern, suitable for mass production. Methodology. To achieve this goal, a review of patent and technical іnformation on the manufacture of hosiery with jacquard patterns was realized. Autodesk AutoCAD software is used to increase the effi ciency of product design. Findings. The study developed a collection of women's stockings with animal ornaments and patterns for making the same. A pattern simulating the color of a zebra's fur was chosen for experimental production.A two-color double bed jacquard stockings collection is designed. The production of this knit does not involve the knitting density changes. Correspondence of the stocking surface geometry to the measurements of a person’s leg can be provided by increasing or decreasing working needles. The latter cannot be realized on specialized circular knitting equipment for hosiery production. The models of the collection can be made on fl at knitting machines accord ing to the patterns. An experimental model is made of half-woolen yarn on a semi-industrial fl at knitting  machine Brother KH-965i. The linker Hague D280E has been used for the stocking’s parts sewing. A parametric pattern of the unfolded product in Autodesk AutoCAD has been created. To adjust the pattern to the desired size, a customer has to enter the measurements and the boundary will be redrawn automatically. An application in the
Autolisp programming language has been developed to automatically calculate the knitting program (increase and decrease the number of working needles). Entering course and wale spacing values of the
sample structure in the program allows the automatically calculating the required number of working needles in each part of the product.
Practical value. The technology of making women’s hosiery with design patterns on the basis of double jacquard knits on fl at-bed knitting machines has been develope d. Such products can be made both
on modern fl at knitting machines with computer control, such as, for example, automated equipment of the Stoll or Shima Seiki brands and on semi-industrial knitting machines, such as Brother, Selver Red and others.


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Єліна T. В., Дзикович, Т. А., Галавська, Л. Є., & Дмитренко, Т. М. (2021). MODERN WOMEN’S STOCKINGS WITH JACQUARD PATTERN. Fashion Industry, (4), 26–31.



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