К. В. Танцюра, А. Т. Арабулі


Development of the technology needed for making women’s dresses with a programmed LED device. Methodology. The used methodology of developing a women’s dress belt with a feature of using a programmed LED device. Results. The technological progress and evolution of innovative technologies have a signifi cant impact on the production of modern clothing. This tendency is seen in the expansion of clothing features with the usage of light eff ects. As of today, manufacturers are proposing diff erent textile materials that have fi ber optics in their structure or use LED stripes and tubes for ornamenting their products. Sewing products that are made of fi ber optic materials require specialized personnel with knowledge
of LED systems principals of work because, in the event of failure of such system in the product, it must be eliminated with an urgency. Based on the said study it is proposed to use an LED device that is constructed with the following components: an LED stripe 50cm long 1cm wide, batteries, a board with a microcontroller and capacitor WS2812B RGB, voltage converter, and connectors. Using this in a product will allow it to get the light eff ects by programming a corresponding microcontroller program. With an example of a dress belt, certain studies were made that had shown that the light eff ect is working the best on white or cream-colored clothes. Using such a device brings in the advantage of the ability to repeatedly remove and place it back in the dress’ belt, which will be convenient for the
consumer when taking care of the clothing and when servicing the device itself. Scientifi c novelty. For the fi rst time the principle of obtaining light eff ects of garments based to use of a programmable LED device was developed. Practical importance.  The technology of manufacturing a women’s dress belt with light eff ects has been proposed, which allowed the placement of a programmed LED device with the elements connected in a certain sequence. Women’s dress with a belt made by this technology can be used for stage performances, photoshoots, and short-term events. Recommendations for the care for such a product have been developed.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2706-5898.2021.1.3


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