М. П. Артеменко


The  purpose  of  the  study  is  to identify the characteristics of the development of the cosplay in Ukraine as a recreational and tourist event, the concept of which is based on the  creation  by  participants  of  images  of popular heroes using a costume. The  research  methodology  is based  on  a  critical  analysis  of  publications, quantitative and qualitative processing of the
facts  of  conducting  events  with  a  cosplay  in Ukraine revealed by the author, statistical and graphic methods of data processing.
Results.  The  article  presents  the  results  of  a study  of  the  development  of  cosplay  in Ukraine,  which  reveal  the  trend  of  growth  of its  popularity,  which  has  a  wave-like  nature with peaks of activity in even years. This fact is explained  by  the  holding  of  some  events  in the  biennial  format.  It  is  noted  that  in  most regions  of  Ukraine  the  facts  of  conducting
competitions  or  parades  of  costumes,  which are  reproduced  images  of  popular  cartoon characters,  cinema,  comic  books,  computer games  or  literature,  have  already  been recorded. Accordingly, Ukraine has a sufficient number  of  supporters  of  the  cosplay  to consider  it  as  a  means  of  recreation  and  a
tourist resource, the concept of which is based on the use of the costume when participants create an image of a popular hero.  
The  organization  of  such  events  is  proposed to  be  considered  a  factor  in  stimulating internal and external tourist flows, as well as on of a new direction for  the  fashion  industry  in  Ukraine  in designing  and  manufacturing  clothing  for
thematic cultural events.  Scientific  novelty.  For  the  first  time,  the features  of  the  development  of  a  cosplay  in Ukraine  were  identified,  trends  in  the popularity  of  this  cultural  phenomenon  and the  localization  of  major  festivals  were
identified,  which  is  the  basis  for  the  further development  of  recommendations  for designing  artistic  images  and  costumes  for participants  in  thematic  recreational  and tourist activities.
Practical  significance.  The  results  reveal opportunities  for  a  deeper  understanding  of the  role  of  costume  in  the  modern  list  of recreational and tourist activities, and can also be  used  in  the  training  of  design  and  art historians as a basis for analyzing the history of the development of subcultures, as well as in  the  practice  of  designers,  costume  artists, managers on tourism and others.


costume design; cosplay; recreation; tourism innovation; attraction; subculture



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