• О. П. Кизимчук Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Л. М. Мельник Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Р. Л. Сліпченко Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



The market analysis of knitted elastic bandages in Ukraine, the investigation of the parameters and properties  of  the  most  common  products  and  their  comparison  as  well  as determination  of compliance to requirements are the main purposes of this study. Methodology. Standard test methods were used to experimental study the raw material composition,
type of interlooping, structure parameters and relaxation characteristics of elastic bandages. Results. As a result of the study of the elastic bandage structure, it is found that all tested bandages are produced on Crochet knitting machine using four yarn systems. chain stitch with closed loop from is a ground interlooping. The ground guide bar is partially threaded with polyester yarn depending on the manufacturer. The requested level of elasticity is provided by elastomeric threads, which are
used as longitudinal in-lay yarn with incomplete threaded of the guide bar and a diff erent repeat of its shifting behind the needles. The other two yarns systems are cotton yarn in several ends, which is laid across the bandage's entire width at both sides of the elastomeric yarn, ensuring its overlap and the combination of individual chain wales into the fabric. Obtained  experimental  data  of  the  parameters  and  elongation  of  elastic  bandages  of  diff erent manufactures allowed to establish their compliance with standardized values. It ensures the products functionality during usage. It is indicated that the yarn composition specifi ed by the manufacturers correlated  with  experimental  results.  The  percentage  of  the  elastomeric  thread  content  is  not  a determining characteristic of the bandage's stretchability since the elastic component of full deformation for all tested bandages exceeds 0.95. The residual component is less than 0.02. It is indicating high elastic properties and functionality. The practical signifi cance  of the work is confi rmed by the possibility of evaluating a bandage of a particular manufacturer based on the resulting array of their properties data. The results of the work expand the knowledge about the infl uence of the knitted structure on the parameters and deformation properties of elastic bandage.


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Кизимчук, О. П., Мельник, Л. М., & Сліпченко, Р. Л. (2020). THE PROPERTIES OF ELASTIC WARP KNITTED BANDAGES. Fashion Industry, (1), 28–35.



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