• Serhiy V. Kyrylenko West Ukrainian National University, Ternopil, Ukraine



national economy, development, risks and threats, digital platforms, digital business, transformation, digital economy, digital technologies, smart entrepreneurship, economic security system, social subsystem


The system of economic security in the conditions of the digital economy must take into account new challenges and opportunities that arise as a result of the wide implementation of digital technologies in all spheres of activity. Development and implementation of effective cyber security measures to protect information from cyber attacks and other threats. Ensuring the security of financial transactions and investments in the digital environment, including the use of blockchain technologies. Improving measures to protect critical infrastructure from digital threats, such as energy systems, transportation and communications. That is why the purpose of the work is to present a methodical approach to the formation of the economic security system in the conditions of transformational changes and the digital economy. The main methods of research are: the method of comparison for a visual representation of the features of the digital economy, the methods of analysis and synthesis for determining the main elements of the economic security system, the methods of induction and deduction for the presentation of the key elements of the digital economy in combination with the process of forming the system of economic security, and the graphical method for presenting the results research is schematic. The main results of the study can be considered the presentation of a methodical approach to the formation of the economic security system, taking into account the following features: development and implementation of monitoring systems for timely detection of events that may threaten economic security, as well as analytical tools for processing large volumes of data; introducing and strengthening legislation governing the digital economy, including regulations on cyber security, personal data protection and other aspects; training and advanced training of personnel in the field of cyber security and digital technologies; development of a system of international and national cooperation in the field of cyber security and information exchange; detection and prevention of corruption related to the use of digital technologies and information resources; creation of strategic plans and forecasting systems to identify possible threats and take timely measures; protection of the country's economic interests in the digital space through the development of digital diplomacy and participation in international economic associations and standardization bodies; introduction of technical means and infrastructure to ensure the security of networks, data storage systems and other digital environments; development and implementation of standards and security measures for the Internet of Things, which is becoming increasingly integrated into the digital economy; development of strategies and technologies to detect and counter information warfare that may affect economic security; development of reactive measures for immediate intervention in cases of cyber threats, as well as proactive strategies for predicting and preventing possible threats; conducting regular audits and risk assessments in order to identify weaknesses and develop strategies for their elimination; implementation of an effective reporting system for incidents and results of cyber security measures for internal and external use; implementation of an information campaign to increase public awareness of digital threats and measures taken to eliminate them. These components form an integrated economic security system that takes into account the features of the digital economy and provides protection against digital threats. Ensuring economic security in the digital environment is an important task for the effective functioning of modern economies.


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Serhiy V. Kyrylenko, West Ukrainian National University, Ternopil, Ukraine

кандидат економічних наук, старший викладач кафедри підприємництва і торгівлі



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