О. В. Колісник, Н. С. Пономарьова


Investigation of the phenomenon of murals as a modern form of art and means of social communication, analysis of world experience in this area of communicative interactions. The research methodology includes historical and cultural studies of art, comparative methods, as well as a method of social analysis aimed at identifying the cultural contexts of muralism, which are determined by the socio-political, national and economic peculiarities of different countries of the world.  The  article  defines  the  concept, specificity  of  the  mural  as  a  form  of  modern communicative  art.  The  history  of  its  origin  is
considered.  A  comparative  analysis  of  murals and  art  of  graffiti  has  been  carried  out,  their distinctive  and  common  features,  functions  in social  interaction  are  outlined.  The  main
purpose  of  the  murals  in  the  cities  is determined, in particular, visualization of urgent social  problems,  tasks,  aspects  of  everyday  life aimed at social activity actualization, increase of
the  potential  of  civic  awareness,  responsibility among  representatives  of  social  majority, however,  due  to  the  possible  scale  of  mass influence  of  agitation  nature,  requires  the approval  of  designers,  architects,  sociologists, etc. The art of the mural of different cultures of the  world,  the  themes  of  their  socio-cultural narratives is explored. Scientific novelty.  The  analysis of the  existing international  experience  of  muralism,  its sociocultural  significance  has  been  carried  out; it has been determined that murals are not only an art form, but also powerful narratives of the information society, a means of communication between  an  artist  or  project  customer,  and  a
target  audience,  an  effective  tool  for  creating social dialogue, tastes and preferences.  Practical significance. The results of the study reveal the possibility of a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of murals from the artistic standpoint  of techniques,  images,  colors  of modern street art, as well as a bright interactive narrative  of  postmodern  society,  in  which
information and communication occupy leading.


mural; muralism; street art; socio-cultural realities; narrative; communication; city



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