Olena Gulina


The introduction and the formulation of the problem. The problem of the social-oriented marketing policy-making in line with market conditions in the spa resort sphere is currently urgent issue as it provides the success of its development in the future. The sales system for spa facilities, first of all, is necessary to make their operations more effective in the low season. This is due to the fact that spa facilities have to sell their tourist vouchers during the high season at cost price to the establishments they are in charge of. Government funding of a spa facility is a necessary condition, but an insufficient instrument for maintaining the competitiveness of spa services, as stated above and it determines the relevance of this Research.
The hypothesis of the scientific research. The use of a systematic approach to the mechanisms` development for social-oriented marketing policy-making and operating in the spa facilities greatly increases the level of competitiveness in this economic sphere.
The aim is to analyze the current management processes of socially oriented marketing in the researched spa facilities and to find ways to improve them through the effective social-oriented marketing policy`s development.
The methodology of the Research. The theoretical basis of the Research was the works of domestic and foreign scientists devoted to various aspects of health-resort development, analysis and assessment of the social-oriented marketing development processes. The methods of systemic analysis, induction and deduction, economic-statistical, calculation and constructive, the method of expert assessments, cluster analysis were used in the Research.
The results: the essence of the socially oriented marketing concept was revealed and its features in the spa sphere as a special type of service marketing were determined; an extended marketing model of recreational services, in which the main emphasis is made to meet the needs of target market consumers, was offered.
The conclusions: The concept of "socially oriented marketing" as the factor of greater competitiveness of the spa facilities was specified. The methodical basis for management process-making of socially oriented marketing by using a system approach, completed with the elements of marketing-analytical and object-programmatic methods were developed. The features of socially oriented marketing in the spa resort sphere as a special type of service marketing were revealed. The economic-mathematical model for calculating accommodation`s places in accordance with the principles of socially oriented marketing on the basis of the mass service theory was presented.


spa facilities; the company`s management; modeling; marketing tools; tourist industry; spa services; marketing package

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