Nina A. Krakhmalova


Introduction. The article clarifies that the problem of reintegration into the peaceful life of people who have been operating in extreme conditions is now becoming particularly relevant. This is due to the fact that, throughout the world, natural disasters, interethnic and interregional conflicts have become more frequent. The number of victims of hostilities and the number of servicemen who are participants in local conflicts within the country has significantly increased. Having a peculiar life experience, they represent a category of people who need a special approach. At the forefront is the question of the need of adaptation to new conditions, the restructuring of the psyche and social behavior in a peaceful way.
The hypothesis of scientific research is to determine the attractiveness of entrepreneurship for demobilized from the ATO area. The use of this form of business allows you to get undeniable advantages for the demobilized from the ATO area – it is a real opportunity to organize their own business, since they have a stable income business, to commit themselves and their family to reintegration into a peaceful life.
The aim of this study is to substantiate the most appropriate business model for demobilized from the ATO area and to determine the specifics of its use.
The theoretical and methodological basis is the position and conclusions of modern economic theory, methodological and methodological developments of domestic and foreign scientists on small business issues, legislative acts of the Verkhovna Rada, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, decisions and normative documents of executive bodies of Ukraine on social support for demobilized from the ATO area. The methods of economic statistics and logical analysis are used to determine the factors influencing the dynamics of reintegration of demobilized ATOs, factor and comparative analyzes for determining the most optimal methods of social adaptation of demobilized from the ATO area.
Results. The signs of entrepreneurship demobilized from the ATO area, its place and role in the state system of adaptation and reintegration of ATO participants are determined; the institutional features of the formation of various types of entrepreneurial activities for demobilized from the ATO area are disclosed.
Conclusions. The research of conceptual aspects of entrepreneurship has made it possible to find out the theoretical understanding of the features of this toolkit and to reveal the specifics of its use as an interactive reintegration toolkit to the demobilized society from the ATO area.


entrepreneurship; demobilized from the ATO area; reintegration; adaptation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30857/2415-3206.2018.2.4


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