Lyudmyla Yu. Dudorova, Tatiana A. Bazyliuk


Introduction and purpose of the study. Analysis of statistical data, dynamics of absolute and integrated indicators of anthropogenic and technogenic loading on the environment indicates that the ecological situation in Ukraine can be characterized as a crisis. In Ukraine, the ecological crisis is unfolding in the context of limiting natural resources, economic instability, exacerbating social and political problems, the lack of moral foundations in many members of society, and the intensive pollution of the human environment by negative factors, including mutagens and teratogens. Taking into account the above, the urgency of the problem of the interconnection of the environmental state of the environment and the state of health of the population is increasing.
The hypothesis of scientific research. It is anticipated that the poorly investigated are the social consequences of environmental threats and challenges, and the state of social consciousness in the field of the environmental paradigm of health is not sufficiently taken into account.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of negative environmental (anthropogenic) factors on the basic indicators of public health and the means of their elimination and minimization through bioprophylaxis and the formation of ecological consciousness. Methods of research: theoretical analysis, synthesis, comparison and comparison in order to determine the state of disclosure of the research problem in the scientific literature, quantitative indicator of the state of health of the population – health index, study of expert surveys.
Results: the risks of negative environmental impact on human health are disclosed. The dependence of health and the environment on certain indicators is shown. The relationship between ecological factors and the development of modern diseases is revealed. The group of diseases related to the environmental impact have been analyzed. The leading role in etiology and pathogenesis of diseases of heredity and the state of the environment has been determined.
Conclusions: The current ecological crisis in Ukraine is related to the influence of the complex of environmental and professional-production factors in combination with stress, neuro-psychological overloads. Today, there are many environmental challenges and threats that cause deterioration of physical and mental health, threatening the nation's gene pool. The deterioration of the environment leads to an increase in ecologically dependent chemical pathology and the emergence of new ecologically conditioned diseases.


ecology; health; ecological risks; diseases; heredity; bio-prophylaxis

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