Nastia Savchuk


Introduction. In modern world not only the certain producer, but also the country in general has to be competitive. Strengthening of competition on the global market causes the necessity in creation of new forms of business which provide survival and prosperity of national producers and the state in general. Rather effective solution of a problem of ensuring competitiveness on the national and global markets is the concept of national economy clustering. Creation of a territorial cluster does not guarantee its high efficiency at all. While implementing each of the cluster project developers face with an issue of efficiency assessment of its functioning.

Hypothesis. The research of cluster entrepreneurship effectiveness helps to identify the most influential factors of its realization, directions of cluster initiatives contribution through the changes of the development vector.

The aim of the research is to develop methodical justification of efficiency assessment of certain industry sector cluster functioning.

Methodology of the research is based on the Michael Porter`s concept of territorial clusters development.

Results: The features of cluster development in different regions of Ukraine have been analyzed. The approaches of efficiency assessment of economic clusters activity existing in scientific literature have been studied. The method of efficiency assessment of entrepreneurial activity of textile industry clusters taking into account sectoral features of business has been offered.

Conclusions: The necessity of taking into account the industrial sectors of clusters helps to identify priority directions of clustering in many regions of Ukraine, the biggest potential of clustering and inter-industrial cooperative links. Using the results of the research in Ukrainian practice will contribute to the improvement of territorial policy in the sphere of cluster entrepreneurial development of economy. It will give an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of national economy on the global market.


entrepreneurship; textile and industrial clusters; efficiency assessment; clustering; agglomeration map; cluster initiatives

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