Yurii Grechyshkin


Introduction. The practice of the world business shows that in order to achieve a competitive advantage it is advisable to use a benchmarking tool that allows you to use the experience of your competitors who have succeeded in different areas of activity. Of particular relevance is the use of benchmarking in the field of innovation, in particular in the IT industry, which has become a key driver of economic growth and productivity in many countries.

Hypothesis. High-quality IT consulting services require not just the automation of a single process or the implementation of a specific system, but the modernization of the organization's IT infrastructure, bringing it into line with business goals. The practical implementation of such projects allows the organization to get a real increase in production efficiency. Complex consulting projects based on benchmarking are characterized by the use of various services in the field of IT consulting and consulting in related branches of management on the basis of borrowing the best world experience.

The purpose of the study is to develop methodological provisions and practical recommendations for the implementation and use of benchmarking technology in the business management system.

Methodology. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is the scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists and specialists on the planning and organization of benchmarking outsourcing of IT services. The following methods are used in the research process: theoretical generalization, analysis, synthesis.

Results: main types and stages of benchmarking realization are considered, application of the concept of benchmarking in the system of management of IT business processes is substantiated; developed methodological and practical recommendations for the implementation of benchmarking in the IT sector on the basis of outsourcing. The connection between the concepts of business process benchmarking and outsourcing has been established, a detailed description of business processes in IT outsourcing enterprises is given.

Conclusions: The creation of a benchmarking platform that will increase the innovation activity of IT companies and will help to forge closer links between IT companies, industrial enterprises and public authorities.


business processes; IT outsourcing; benchmarking; IT services

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