• К. Л. Пашкевич Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • О. В. Єжова Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University
  • Я. О. Пастух Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • О. О. Роготченко Modern Art Research Institute National Academy of Arts of Ukraine



tectonics of clothes, physical and mechanical properties of fabrics, elastane, jean clothes


Research  of  features  of designing  of  clothes  from  jeans  with
elastan  fibres  on  principles  of  tectonic approach. Complex  approach, method  of  system-structural  and morphological analysis of initial object of research  with  a  subsequent  synthesis  on the basis of findings are used.  Collections  of modern  designers are  analysed,  the  modern  tendencies  of fashion  in  making  and  finishing  of  jeans fabrics and wares from them are studied, classification  of  methods  of  finishing  of
jeans clothes is developed. The conducted analys  is  rotined  that  the  modern methods  of  final  treatment  and  finishing of  jeans  fabrics  is  abrasive,  sand-blast treatment,  mechanical  friction,  cutting
through,  laser  engraving,  production  of «dry»  jeans,  which  is  arrived  at  by  a modern  highly  technological  equipment, blades,  enzymes.  The  actual  finishing  of jeans  clothes  is  embroidery,  applique,
floral  decorative  pattern,  lace,  fringe, spangles  and  strasses,  buttons,  etc. Research  of  physical  and  mechanical properties  of  jeans  fabrics  with  elastane fibres  is  conducted:  thickness,  surface
density,  force  at  rupture,  elongation  at rupture,  the  interdependence  between them are set. Scientific  novelty.  The  assortment  of
jeans  clothes  is  investigated,  the tendencies  of  fashion,  innovations  and decorative  finishing  of  jeans  wares  are certain.  The  interdependence  between physical  and  mechanical  properties  of
jeans  and  tectonic  form  of  clothes  is studied. Comparing of properties of jeans fabrics  with  fliselin  and  without  it  are executed,  on  the  basis  of  what  the scientifically  grounded  recommendations
are given on the choice of assortment of jeans clothes. Practical  significance.  The  conducted complex  of  scientific  researches  on designing  of  clothes  on  the  basis  of tectonic  approach  and  determination  of physical  and  mechanical  properties  of jeans  fabrics  is  basis  for  development  of recommendations  on  the  choice  of  jeans
fabrics  for  the  models  of  clothes  of different  assortment  and  creation  of collection of modern jeans clothes.


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Пашкевич, К. Л., Єжова, О. В., Пастух, Я. О., & Роготченко, О. О. (2019). DESIGN AND MODELING OF DENIM CLOTHES BASED ON TECTONIC APPROACH. Art and Design, (4), 83–94.




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