• Ainura K. kyzy Mosumova Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine
  • Eugen Yu. Pureу Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine



competitiveness, digital economy, economic process, digitalization, marketing, marketing tools, digital marketing tools, industry 4.0, marketing activity


Increasing business competitiveness in the modern business environment requires integration of marketing strategies and digital technologies. Creation of a functional and aesthetic website, as well as mobile applications for convenient interaction with customers; the introduction of e-commerce to expand sales channels and convenient ordering of products or services and the effective use of social networks for advertising, interaction with the audience and increasing brand awareness allow the enterprise to provide a stable competitive market niche. The main goal of the presented work is to determine the main features of the use of marketing and digital tools, as conditions for the formation of a complex to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise. The main methods presented in the work are: analysis and synthesis to identify the main features of the marketing and digital component in order to increase competitiveness; induction and deduction to establish connections between the presented components; graphic method for visual display of presented research results. The main directions of increasing competitiveness due to marketing and digitalization can be: website optimization to improve its visibility in search engines; using various online advertising campaigns to attract new customers; application of business analytics and Business Intelligence systems to collect and analyze data on consumers, markets and competitors; using data to create personalized offers and advertising messages; implementation of various payment systems and ensuring the security of electronic transactions; improvement of the purchase process and optimization of the basket to reduce abandonment of purchases; development of interesting and high-quality content to attract the target audience; using blogs, videos and other formats for effective communication with clients; providing opportunities for online counseling and answering customer questions; optimization of interfaces and processes for maximum user convenience; use of automated mailing systems to inform customers and stimulate sales; implementation of customer relationship management systems for effective interaction with customers; interaction with influencers and bloggers to promote products or services; cooperation with partners to place advertisements and attract new customers.


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Ainura K. kyzy Mosumova, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine

доктор філософії (PhD), викладач



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Мосумова, А. К. к., & Пурей, Є. Ю. (2023). INCREASING BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS: MARKETING AND DIGITALIZATION. Journal of Strategic Economic Research, (5), 29–36.