• Iryna Miahkykh Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine



INTRODUCTION. In the modern world, higher education plays a pivotal role in shaping social responsibility. In the context of the war that erupted in Ukraine in 2022, this issue becomes particularly pertinent, posing a unique challenge for higher education institutions to ensure sustainable development and address social tasks. The challenges arising during wartime demand new strategies and approaches to ensure the continuity of the educational process and support the student community.

RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS: The research hypothesis aims to identify effective higher education strategies in Ukraine in the context of armed conflict, focused on ensuring sustainable development and addressing social challenges.

THE AIM of the research is to examine the impact of the armed conflict on higher education in Ukraine and develop strategies of social responsibility to address the challenges within this context.

METHODS. The research will be conducted through the analysis of statistical data, studying cases of successful rehabilitation of Ukrainian universities during armed conflicts, and considering feedback from experts and involved stakeholders.

FINDINGS. The research findings have identified key challenges faced by higher education in Ukraine during times of armed conflict, including restricted access to educational institutions, damage to infrastructure, and changes in learning conditions. A comprehensive set of measures has been proposed to address these challenges, encompassing the development of distance learning platforms, international expert support, and resource mobilization to restore the educational process and ensure the sustainability of higher education in crisis conditions.

CONCLUSION. The research findings underscore the necessity and importance of addressing the challenges faced by higher education in the context of the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine. The proposed strategies and recommendations delineate pathways for improvement and the implementation of socially responsible approaches. The research findings suggest that adhering to the principles of social responsibility in times of armed conflict can be achieved through active participation in international programs, humanitarian initiatives, and collaborative projects.

KEYWORDS: social responsibility; higher education; challenges; armed conflict; international cooperation; resources.


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Author Biography

Iryna Miahkykh, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine

D.Sc in Economics, Professor, Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business