• Sergii O. Arefiev Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



motivation, activity efficiency, labor remuneration, personnel, effective management, human resources, motivational management mechanism.


Introduction and aim of the research: The current stage of Ukraine's economic development requires solving the practical tasks of managing the work of the personnel of the enterprise through the application of new socio-economic methods of motivation of labor that would increase the economic interest of employees in productive and qualitative work. But the scientific elaboration of this task remains inadequate, and especially with regard to the creation of a comprehensive system of motivation for workers of production enterprises. The essence of the problems posed is the development of a comprehensive methodology for stimulating the work of workers of production enterprises.

Research hypothesis is to develop a mechanism to increase the employee's interest in implementing the goals and objectives of the company with a high level of competition in the industry and relatively low profitability of production..

The aim. Definition of the theoretical basis and methodological foundations of the complex system of labor motivation by establishing personal interest of all categories of personnel in the final result of the activity.

Methodology:at the stage of collection, systematization and processing of information for the research – inductive; in the  process  of  theoretical  understanding  of 

the problem – deductive, methods of analysis and synthesis – to combine various components of economic phenomena into a single process. By studying the process of motivation of labor at the stage of developing proposals for its improvement, methods of detailing, grouping, generalization, graphic, analytical, logical, economic and mathematical modeling were used.

Results: The main directions of labor motivation, motivates the activity of employees as a factor in increasing the profitability of production and doing business, making up the motivation for work, measures to develop labor motivation systems, and recommendations for improving it in the enterprise management system using motivational mechanisms.

Conclusions: It is substantiated that the process of motivation of labor in the conditions of a production enterprise should be considered as a complex process, which consists of several components, among which labor remuneration, valuation, evaluation of personnel, non-material incentive methods, system of estimation of efficiency of existing methods of promotion of labor are distinguished.


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Author Biography

Sergii O. Arefiev, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of Entrepreneurship and Business